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I Knit a Fish!


CIMG1417This is my latest project completed.  It is not anything extravagant and it was actually supposed to be a flounder, but I messed up its fins!  Still, I am proud of it.  This was a great exercise to practice my knitting and work with all of my new needles.  I have finally branched out a bit.  Now that I have finished this fish though, I definitely plan on attempting a knitting project of a more useful nature… preferably something I can wear!  Let me know if you have any ideas.  Also, here is the pattern for the actual flounder:


It was a very simple pattern to follow (I know, I messed up, but that has more to do with the fact that I get excited and stop reading directions).

As for other projects, I have a couple of things in the works.  I have started another hubcap and will hopefully have that completed by the end of next week and after taking a couple of months off, I plan on picking up my sketchbook again.  I have been feeling a little equine-deprived, so I think a horse is in store:)  I also desperately want to bake chocolate soufflés and a cake.  Hopefully more updates coming soon then!  Have a fantastic Thursday evening everyone.


My Next Project


CIMG1342So I am tackling yet another hubcap.  I am addicted to them and I really enjoy the challenge of painting.  This hubcap is the first one I will be painting with the car logo on it.  It’s a Subaru hubcap and below is my inspiration for painting.  The Subaru rally car!  I have never painted a car before so this will be a good change and I look forward to trying to capture this car!  Check out my other hubcaps here:



On this glorious Saturday, I received new knitting needles and lots of “sweatshirt” yarn.  It’s a funny material, but I can’t wait to try and make a sweater out of it.  I also plan on starting my last scrimshaw piece doing the silhouette of a crane.  And, I am itching to bake some sort of chocolatey dessert.  There are just too many things I want to do!  Hopefully I have some sort of creative product to post to you all tomorrow.  Stay crafty:)

“Creativity is contagious…


Pass it on” -Albert Einstein

When I was younger, my mom always encouraged my creativity.  There was not much TV or computer time allotted in my childhood days.  Friends would come over and the options were play with your toys, go outside, or do a craft.  Whenever I was bored, the options stayed the same.  Along with playing in my make-believe fairy tales like any child, I was given a lot of opportunities to create my little 8-year-old masterpieces of art.

From ironing beads together, threading beads together to make animals, jewelry making, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, foam, designing holiday ornaments, to a multitude of other little crafty projects my mom could think of, there was always some sort of creation in progress at home.  I thrived off of it.

Looking back on those days at the kitchen table now, I realize how important it was for me and how it has influenced me today.  I was always doing something.  It taught me to be creative, resourceful, and manage my time.  It also instilled a love for productivity at an early age.  Now I look  at the computer games, television shows, and video games the kids do to occupy their time and it just wastes away the hours.  Before you know it, the day is gone.  But, I guess perhaps that is the goal; to occupy the kids until it is bedtime.

In our fast-paced society, people have moved away from the little projects that are more like hobbies at home.  They don’t introduce creativity to their children, and they have lost the time in their own days for little projects.  Picasso summed up my thoughts perfectly with his quote on creativity:

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

 I believe it is an important aspect to have hobbies on the side, even if it may seem childish.  It gives you something to look forward to, to be proud of, and makes the day a little more interesting.  Always keep encouraging your creativity, it is worth it:)