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A 1,000 Words can Translate a Picture


A picture is worth 1,000 words.

This is a saying I live by.  Why would I write about something beautiful when I can show you.  I will admit, I have an infatuation with beautiful things.  Whether it’s majestic horses, dancing couples, brilliant flowers, towering mountains, or a starry night, I love the beauty there.  I then get the itch to capture and share what I see.  I find myself wishing for a camera, a pencil and pad of sketch paper, or paint and brushes.  It is a feeling that consumes me until I capture the image in my mind and have it in the flesh.

I will admit, I never have the urge to write a descriptive narrative that “paints” the picture for the reader.  As a part of this Weekly Writing Challenge, I aim to draw for you images I have been itching to capture and post.  So, instead of simply sharing the pictures, I plan to share it through words as a challenge for myself.

To everyone else, I’m sure it was just a typical October day.  For me, no day in October is typical, and that day in particular was a perfect fall day.  I stepped outside for a walk on that cool afternoon.  The crisp air bit at my exposed cheeks, but I had made sure to bundle up.  It was a refreshing welcome to the outside.  The air was dry and had that invigorating smell that resembles a combination of fallen leaves and home.

As a wandered through the park, the wind stirred the brittle leaves in the trees and the sound of the crunching under my feet stood out in stark contrast to the passive silence the world had already taken on.  Tree after tree lined up along the walking path were no longer vibrant and green, but had taken on the classic, New England palette of reds, oranges, and yellows.  The brilliant collage of colors was magnificent.

Being an overcast day, the sky had taken on a deep, threatening grey as if it was ready to start pouring.  The contrast of the brilliantly colored leaves against this deep sky was beautiful.  Of particular interest was a small maple that had a combination of flaming red and pumpkin orange leaves.  The tree looked on fire with a backdrop of larger, ancient, yellow-leaved oak trees and the ominous sky.  Transfixed by this tree, I felt alive.

Nothing can compare to all of the sensory feelings that come together on autumn days.  It is invigorating to have the bite of the refreshing air, explosion of colors in the trees, and homey smell in the woods.

I know it is just a short description, but I feel I have captured what I saw and felt.  Now I have to include a picture below simply because I’m still me, and I love pictures:)  This was a great exercise though and it really forced me to think about what I saw instead of simply replicate it as I usually do with my art.