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Scrimshaw Practice


CIMG1265After a weekend away (and 2 days of no blogging!), it is nice to be back and making something again.  This is an etching of a kookaburra on my practice piece of plastic that came with the kit.  I am pleased with how it came out, but I have to admit, it is not easy!

Now I want to carve on the little piece of ivory I have.  As you can see, it is tiny – a bit bigger than my fingernail.  I am also lacking inspiration.  Does anybody have any good ideas that would look classy on this little piece of ivory?  Let me know!

-A girl in need of inspiration




WoodCarving1Stripes have always been a fascination for me. Let’s be honest, we all have some texture, pattern, or color that is our go-to design. Mine is stripes. Naturally, with stripes (and my obsession for horses) I am drawn to zebras. There is definitely something about a zebra that I love.

A couple of days ago I rediscovered my wood burning kit. It has been ages since I have used it, but I thought I would give it a try to break things up a bit. I went for a zebra and I think it looks really great!  For never practicing, I love it. This was a really fun project to pick up and I still have one other nice piece of wood to use… I need some inspiration for the next piece. Any ideas?

Some things are like potato chips…


…You can’t have just one.

Whether it is the cat lady who lives down the road, or your daughter who collects rocks.  Everybody has something that they can’t have just one of.  We are humans and we collect things.  Some people have multiple pets, others have multiple shoes.

For me, I discovered I have an obsession with fish.  Betta fish to be exact.  Let me explain a little bit first, before you pass your judgement and label me as the crazy betta fish lady.

I bought my first betta fish around last Thanksgiving.  I wanted something to take care of, but it needed to be easy, inexpensive, and apartment friendly.  My best friend had just finished telling me the story of how she brought her betta fish all the way home on the train for the week of Thanksgiving and that’s when it hit me.  I did my research and decided my budget was going to be no more than $20.



Upon entering the local Petco, I was greeted by racks of betta fish stacked on top of each other for me to choose from.  It was like Christmas!  After spending around 45 minutes pulling out fish, inspecting, and comparing, I finally decided on the one I wanted.  Anyone at that store most definitely thought I was crazy at this point.  Proud as a peacock, I brought my supplies to the counter to finish the deal.

This was over 6 months ago, Chipotle is doing great and I enjoy watching him every day; oh, and I just bought my third.  Yep, three betta fish.  I just can’t help myself.  #2, Diablo, came along around Memorial Day this year and I just bought my third, Casper.  I guess he’s a 4th of July baby.  The only issue with Casper is I don’t actually know if it is male or female!  I discovered the (even cheaper) baby betta fish.  They are tiny and it’s hard to tell their gender or color at this stage, but how can you say no to love?




There are simple pleasures in life, and they are very different for different people.  I get so much enjoyment taking care of my bettas, feeding them in the morning and watching them swim around.  They make me smile, they inspire me, and just make my day… What more can you ask for?  So, I felt the need to share my little obsession, maybe this will make you smile too.  If not, indulge yourself today in something that does make you smile.  It’s worth it every once in a while:)


Chipotle inspired me to pull out the sketchbook and draw this guy! They are good for me:)

Blogging Evolution


We all think about it; what to post next, how to have more likes, more followers, better content… The list goes on.  That is the beauty of a blog.  At least for me, it is an enjoyable hobby on the side that I really love updating.  I learned how to make a gallery today and you should check it out!  It is under my “Pencil Sketches” page.  I have a selection of the best of my sketches in one place:)  Much better than them just sitting in my sketchbook on my desk.  I always get nervous sharing my artwork, but there is no adventure in hiding it.  I hope you enjoy them and find a little inspiration yourself too.

My first sketch of a person - I learned it's easier to draw someone I don't know!

My first sketch of a person – I learned it’s easier to draw someone I don’t know!

Remember the Rhino Theory


Here’s a little start-to-your-weekend post.  I just finished my rhino pencil sketch.


This was a real challenge to sketch – rhinos are difficult! I’m ok with how it turned out, but definitely not my favorite. I won’t be doing anymore rhinos for a while.

Why a rhino you ask?  One of the best pieces of advice from my dad was the saying, “remember the rhino theory.” This is my motivational phrase.  When things were really tough, my dad always told me to remember the rhino theory.  It has a catchy ring to it too; it is my mantra.

To delve a little deeper, really think about the rhino.  It’s most well known feature is it’s horns.    When times get tough, put your head down and keep right on charging.  Like a rhino:). Hopefully this little saying gives you some motivation to plow through the tougher times.  Happy Saturday everyone – it’s the weekend!

Everybody Loves a Good List


Good morning to you all.  Deep down inside, everybody loves a good list.  It’s in our human nature.  It helps to give structure where there is little.  When you think about it, we make lists often, but the most famous is the to-do list.  Now this has a bit of a bad reputation because most people instantly think of a list of things they know they need to do, but really don’t want to.  Making lists can be quite enjoyable actually.  Your morning mission for the day if you choose to accept it is to make a list.  It’s ok, everybody needs a little break from the cubicle on a Tuesday morning!

List of things to make a list from:

  1. Bucket list
  2. Places to visit
  3. Projects to do
  4. Places you have been
  5. Recipes to cook
  6. Adjectives that begin with “a”
  7. 100 facts about you
  8. Things you like
  9. Things you dislike
  10. Favorite books/movies/songs

Making lists gives your brain a chance to really think.  It sometimes can lead to some pretty creative ideas or help you realize things you never knew.  Perhaps you never knew you had that many places you want to travel to.  My list for the morning: List of animals I want to draw.

  • Elephant, rhino, giraffe, donkey, kookaburra, corgi, cockatoo

Now that you have the list, take action.  It will make for a pretty accomplished day.  And think, it’s still only the beginning of the week:)