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Finally… Some Art!


CIMG1481It has been far too long since I have produced something artistic and it was really great to let my creative juices flow.  I haven’t done a pencil sketch in ages and I also haven’t done a horse either, so this was just meant to be:)  It’s not my best, but I definitely felt a bit rusty.  It’s been such a while since I have had the time to paint or draw, it’s kind of depressing!

I plan on starting my next hubcap now though.  This was also the last page in my sketchbook which is a serious accomplishment.  Of the 50 pages, I would say I produced 14 quality sketches.  Given the fact I have never had any formal art training, I am very pleased with that.

So, on that note, enjoy the rest of your Monday and do something creative tomorrow.  If you don’t think you have time, make it just 15 minutes!  It definitely frees the mind.


Painting Practice


CIMG1242Here is a little painting practice – it also feeds my obsession with trying to capture the beauty of horses.  This horse was done with acrylics on cardboard from our TV box.  I know cardboard isn’t anything special, but it is great to practice on and everyone always has some lying around.  I am really happy with how this horse came out!  Get creative with some of the things you have around the house today:)