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Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write



Health and fitness to me is experiencing life at its most.  Health is living.  Living is racing.  I am an avid triathlete and there is nothing that makes me feel more fit, healthy, complete, and alive, than that feeling in the middle of a race when everything is coming together.  The blood rushing through your veins, your legs strong, lungs full, and mind laser focused on the task ahead.  I live to race.


There’s a burn in your chest,

And your legs are on fire.

With no chance to rest,

Deep down you start to tire.

But you can’t give in now,

The adrenaline’s in your veins.

You know exactly how

To push past those pains.

To finish the race hard;

To end with a win.

You played every card

And you cashed in.

Your body is spent,

Yet you still feel so strong.

To overcome every torrent

You knew you weren’t wrong.

Now savor this sweet feeling at the end;

No one else could possibly comprehend.