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Hawaii Getaway – I wish!


HawaiiThis is the latest hubcap and the first one I have done in over 2 months.  It was great to get back painting.  Through a community service program, my team adopted twin, 11-year old girls and made them a part of the team.  One has down syndrome, but the two have become more like my little sisters than I would have ever imagined.

Although their birthday was a month ago, this is the hubcap I have painted for them.  Their favorite animal is a sea turtle and they absolutely love Hawaii, so I went for a bright, fun hubcap for the girls and I can’t wait to see their faces when I give it to them!  And, as with pretty much all of my hubcaps, I’ve fallen in love with it too and want to keep it.  I swear that’s always the case.

I think this is one of my best hubcaps though and it got me back into my creative space:)  Have a good Tuesday and dream a little bit of some summer weather when you look at this painting!


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour



There is nothing like pictures during sunrise and sunset.  Of course we all have the beach photos from vacations with a beautiful sunrise or sunset on the horizon.  I looked through those and I have been experimenting with my camera settings since Friday during the golden hours of the day to see what I can produce for a picture for this weekly photo challenge.

In the end, I settled with this picture.  It is from Hawaii on the top of Mount Haleakala during sunrise.  No, it is not amazingly gorgeous or impressive, but when I think of the golden hour of the day, I think of this photo.  The sun just touching the rocks and casting dark shadows on the other side.  It is a time of dreaming; a time of possibility.  There really is no better time of day.  Hope you all enjoy and Happy Monday!