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The Creative Space


I know the area around me always has a huge impact on my mood, productivity, and also creativity.  I love color and need a space that makes me happy.  I also find I am a lot more apt to finish my projects if I have a place specifically set aside for crafting, painting, and anything that I am in the process of making.

Given my roommate’s dislike of times when I have paint, hubcaps, yarn scraps, scissors, brushes and who knows what else strewn across our kitchen table for days on end, I had to relocate to my bedroom.  My bedroom is tiny – as in I can’t even fit a queen size bed and I don’t have a dresser.

The small space has not killed my creative work place though!  I am currently restricted to only a cards table, but it is entirely mine and I never have to clean it up:)  And as you can see, it gets pretty messy.  But it gets me through the rough times and is my little place where I can sit in my own world and work.  I love it.craftspaceThings critical to my crafting space:

  • Materials (ranging from hubcaps and paint to paper and stickers)
  • My fish for inspiration (Diablo in the background)
  • Christmas lights lit up (could not capture in picture, but they are to the right)
  • Clutter
  • Color

I hope this inspires you to make your own crafting space.  It doesn’t have to be large, and there are no prerequisites.  Basically, it’s what my brain looks like if it were displayed on a table: multiple things happening at once, colorful, vibrant, detailed, and lively.


Getting Winter-Ready



It’s been waaaaayyy too long since my last post.  With the weather cooling off, it is obvious summer is quickly on its way out the door.  My favorite season of the year is fall and I am so excited for everything that comes with it!  Halloween, cool mornings, fall colors, Thanksgiving, apple picking, and pumpkin flavored everything:)

Knitting has been something easy for me to maintain (or at least maintain better than anything else) now that I am back at school.  It’s relaxing to just knit while I watch tv in the at night.  Now I know we are only just beginning fall, but I went for winter colors with this hat.  It fits me perfectly though so I will definitely wear it.  Unfortunately, there is a spiral design you can’t really see, and it was supposed to be knit with just one color which I think would have really brought out the spiral.  But, me being myself, I couldn’t just do one color.  I thought these ones went so well together!  But, that explains the little color bulges you can see in the picture… that’s where there is supposed to be a purl stitch to make the spiral.  Still, it’s cute and useful (unlike the knit fish still sitting on my coffee table).

On a different note, I almost have the hubcap for my brother’s girlfriend finished.  My goal is to have it done by the end of the week – more on that story later.  Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Wednesday!

I Knit a Fish!


CIMG1417This is my latest project completed.  It is not anything extravagant and it was actually supposed to be a flounder, but I messed up its fins!  Still, I am proud of it.  This was a great exercise to practice my knitting and work with all of my new needles.  I have finally branched out a bit.  Now that I have finished this fish though, I definitely plan on attempting a knitting project of a more useful nature… preferably something I can wear!  Let me know if you have any ideas.  Also, here is the pattern for the actual flounder:


It was a very simple pattern to follow (I know, I messed up, but that has more to do with the fact that I get excited and stop reading directions).

As for other projects, I have a couple of things in the works.  I have started another hubcap and will hopefully have that completed by the end of next week and after taking a couple of months off, I plan on picking up my sketchbook again.  I have been feeling a little equine-deprived, so I think a horse is in store:)  I also desperately want to bake chocolate soufflés and a cake.  Hopefully more updates coming soon then!  Have a fantastic Thursday evening everyone.

Scrimshaw Necklace


CIMG1348This was my last little piece of ivory and after a great suggestion, I decided to stick with the bird theme.  I found a silhouette of a crane for inspiration and I am really happy with how it came out.  I also have all the materials to make this into a necklace, so that will be the next step for me.  Just need to drill a little hole in the top to put the pin in.

Other than that, it has been a pretty uneventful Sunday.  I want to get back into pencil sketching, but I have lost the motivation there a while ago.  Things come and go, as long as I stay crafty somehow:)

Hope your weekend went well and enjoy what is left of your Sunday!  It’s a great day.

Paintin’ and Craftin’


CIMG1338I’m not really sure where this came from, but I was walking through the craft store and saw these cheap, little $1 containers and I thought I could decorate it into something nicer.  With is almost being the end of summer, I have a couple of thank you gifts I need to give and this is looking like the perfect box!  Only thing is I love chickadees and don’t want to part with it now.  That is always my biggest problem – I never want to part with my work!


This little project took me a only a day to complete.  I am proud of myself for working that quickly!  (I’ll admit, I’m a pretty slow painter/crafter/drawer).  Best of all though, it’s Friday!  Happy Friday everyone and I hope you have a great start to your weekend:)