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Weekly Writing Challenge: The Best Medicine


Although my blog has consisted mostly of art and cooking, I have decided to take up the weekly writing challenges as well.  I think it will be a great opportunity to practice my writing and express some of my creativity in a different style.  Here is my first submission for the challenge, bear with me everyone – I gave it my best shot!  Thanks for reading as always:)

First Impressions

I saw my cell ringing… the cute intern from work.  It was the end of the first week of our summer internship and I was excited I had hit it off with one of the other interns.  Being a shy and reserved person, the fact that he asked for my number on the second day was a score for me!  And now he was calling.  I had made it a goal to not present the shy side of me this time around; it was time people saw the fun me.  I had to make good impressions and I knew this first week was critical.

“Heyyy!  It’s my 21st tonight and I’m calling because I need a drink!!”

Oh great.

“You’re asking me?”

“Yeah!  Yeah I’m asking you!  I need a good drink!  What would be something to buy?  What is your favorite drink?”


Now, I never got into the drinking in college – I had just as much fun at the parties without the alcohol.  I had no idea what to buy and certainly no idea what to mix it with.  Panic.  And this is why I prefer to text… At least I have time to think about these sorts of responses.  But, I didn’t want him to think I was a boring party-pooper.  Before I knew it, the reply rolled of my tongue.

“You’re asking the wrong person Jake.  I’m a girl; I don’t mix my own drinks!  I just take whatever guys hand me.”


“But don’t worry about it, it’s your 21st.  Even though you’re a guy, you’ll be in the same boat.  People will be handing you drinks all night long.”

Who knows what he thinks of me now.  I thought it was a pretty good comeback and a great save on my part.  For my friends and family who have known me for years, they’d be laughing.  I’ve known Jake for a whopping 3 days.  I couldn’t hear any laughter.

Skipping ahead to the next week, Jake comes running into my cube in a panic at 9 in the morning.

“I need your advice.  I don’t know what to do, it’s one of my colleague’s birthdays and I need something to get him.”

“Now?  As in this morning?”

You’ve got to be kidding me.  What do I look like, a secretary?  Come on, admit it buddy.  You forgot and there’s really nothing you can do about it now.  But, I played along.  We had a little company convenience store and I suggested buying a snack from there.  I guess it’s the thought that counts.  And then it hit me.

“Wait, is he turning 21?!”

“Ummm, yeah.”

“Oh perfect, don’t go anywhere!  I have exactly what you need.”

And at 9 am on a Thursday morning, I pull a nip of Gold Schlager out of my pocketbook.  Could you come up with a better gift for a 21st birthday?  He can legally drink it now.  I was pretty proud of my resourcefulness.

In the meantime, Jake is giving me a really weird look.  He looks at the nip, back at my pocketbook, and then back to the nip.  I knew what was going through his head.  I clearly looked like a wild-child who is a raging alcoholic.  I take whatever drinks people hand me and I pull a nip out of my pocketbook at work.  Oh that serious, respected image of myself, I was watching it slip away.  If Jake could see how quickly it was disappearing, he probably would’ve thought it was slinking off to get a drink at the bar.

“Umm, well, thanks.  This will be great I guess.”

And he grabs the nip and goes.  I found out later, the intern who had the birthday was thrilled Jake had remembered and thought the nip was the best present ever.  Win!

This was all in the first 2 weeks of my summer internship… And I wanted a job offer?  To pull the story together, as Jake got to know me better over the course of the summer, the raging alcoholic chick Jake thought I was really wasn’t matching the more reserved person I actually am.  In one of our many cubicle conversations, it came back up and I could tell it had clearly been bothering the man.  I was laughing hysterically inside, especially the look of visible relief on his face when I answered “no” to the question, “So, I was just wondering, do you remember the comment you made over the phone on my birthday?  Is that something to be worried about?”

Oh, and to explain to everyone out there, I do not just carry nips in my pocketbook.  I had actually bought it for Jake the night he called me because the next day was his birthday.  I chickened out and never gave it to him, thinking it wasn’t work appropriate.  Ha!  Work appropriate.