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Owl Christmas Present


P1030408Hopefully everyone had a wonderful day yesterday:)  Here is a hubcap I painted for my best friend for Christmas.  Her and her family absolutely love owls, so when I decided on the picture to paint, it was perfect.  I think this is one of my best hubcaps so far.  It’s not bright or cheerful, but subtle and beautiful.  I could be slightly bias after spending so much time on it though!

In the coming year, I really aim to be better about continuing my creative endeavors on a daily basis and being better about regularly updating my blog.  Hopefully I can hold myself to the goal.  Hope you all enjoy the owl and have a Happy New Year!


Mason Jar Painting


Still using the mason jars from my cousin’s wedding, I decided to paint this one with chickens.  I think it has a bit of a kitchen-y feel to it now:)  They did not quite come out as well as I was hoping, but I still think they look pretty cute.


While I should be painting hubcaps for Christmas presents (I have a to-do list of paintings!), these chickens just spoke to me.  It only took me a day and it was fun to paint something other than a hubcap.  On other creative news notes, I finally bought myself a new sketchbook.  There are now 50 blank pages of potential!  As for my next project, I’m not sure what is on the agenda.  There are a lot of possibilities, so we will see.

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday:)

Finally… Some Art!


CIMG1481It has been far too long since I have produced something artistic and it was really great to let my creative juices flow.  I haven’t done a pencil sketch in ages and I also haven’t done a horse either, so this was just meant to be:)  It’s not my best, but I definitely felt a bit rusty.  It’s been such a while since I have had the time to paint or draw, it’s kind of depressing!

I plan on starting my next hubcap now though.  This was also the last page in my sketchbook which is a serious accomplishment.  Of the 50 pages, I would say I produced 14 quality sketches.  Given the fact I have never had any formal art training, I am very pleased with that.

So, on that note, enjoy the rest of your Monday and do something creative tomorrow.  If you don’t think you have time, make it just 15 minutes!  It definitely frees the mind.

An Image of Summer


P1030375It has been quite a while since I have posted something and I apologize!  With final weeks and project presentations, there just has been no time for anything outside of work.  But, I just finished another hubcap:)  This is the second hubcap I have painted for someone – it is for my grandmother.  Over the past couple month, my grandparents have become my number one supplier of hubcaps.  They drive around and stop everything, no matter the location, to pick up hubcaps for me to paint.  This one in particular my grandmother loved and I know she wanted to have one painted for her, but she would never ask me directly.  She did mention it to my mother multiple times though!  So, I know she loves hummingbirds and this is what I created.

I chose a yellow background because it is unlike any other I have done before.  They are coming over for dinner tonight, and I am very critical of my work (as always).  Is this worthy of being given away?  Let me know what your first impressions are!  Hope everyone has a great start to their weekends!

I Love Donkeys:)


CIMG1478Here is my latest hubcap.  I have never drawn or painted a miniature donkey before, but considering they are my favorite animal, I thought it was about time I tackled the challenge.  It came out a lot better than I was expecting and it is very different from any of the other hubcaps I have painted yet.  It was also the fasted I have ever completed a painting, so I am excited about that.

I also was going to wait to post this painting, but I am too excited about it that I have to share.  Hope everyone has a great Wednesday evening!

Hogwarts Hubcap!


CIMG1443Hubcap #5 is complete!  There is a story behind this one too.  My brother’s girlfriend bought me a present right before she left for her freshman year in college.  First off, I thought she should be the one to be receiving gifts, but I wasn’t going to say no to a present.  Knowing I had just started painting hubcaps, she bought me a set of 4 hubcaps from Wal-Mart!  Wrapped up and everything – I was thrilled especially because I’ve never painted a clean, new hubcap.

Obviously, the first one I painted had to go to her.  I have never painted or drawn something for anyone else and I’ve also never given away a piece of my work.  After the hours I put in, I have a hard time parting with it.

Although a freshman in college, she is an unashamed Harry Potter fanatic and I admire her for that.  I decided the Hogwarts emblem is what this painting had to be and it turned out pretty well.  The shading does not come out in the photo very well, but it looks better in person.  Can’t wait to hear about her reaction when he gives it to her this weekend:)  I will have a tough time parting with it (even though I’m not a huge HP fan), but it is good practice.  She deserves it.

Goldfish Bowl


CIMG1413I have finally finished my fourth hubcap – so here it is!  I painted these two goldfish and they were definitely a fun project.  I loved the colors and it’s different from the other three I have done.  I’m also excited because I have officially painted 4 hubcaps now… I guess I could outfit a car:)  If you haven’t seen my others, you should check out the “Painted Hubcaps” page above.  It has been an extremely busy week for me which is why I have not been able to work much on any of my projects, but I was very productive last night.  I finished this, continued my knitted fish, and baked two giant loaves of zucchini bread.  Finally, some success.  Below I uploaded two close-ups of my fish, but I still think they look better in person.  I hope everyone has a glorious Tuesday!



The Paint Bar


CIMG1407I went to a paint bar for the first time this past weekend and it was really fantastic!  I was nervous going in because I always have painted whatever I am in the mood for, but this was different since we all would be guided through the same painting.  Everyone was taught how to paint these tulips in their pots and over the course of the 2 hours, we had a blast.  The atmosphere was great and I look forward to going back.

I learned I am most definitely a type A personality.  This particular painting is definitely not my style!  The relaxed way of painting and just brushing different colors over the others was against all aspects of my nature.  Yes, I need to clean the brush between colors, and then my water if it’s too dirty!  Yes, I need to wait for the whole thing to dry before I even contemplate the next coat!  Yes, I don’t want my colors mixing up to much on my plate and finally, yes, I am a perfectionist.  So this was a very good exercise for me in painting with a different mentality.

I also learned a couple of new techniques which was really helpful since I have never had any sort of art or painting education.  The cross hatching in the background with the two different colors came out really beautiful and outlining the tulips and pots with black paint was also a great technique.  I can definitely apply these skills to my future paintings and I am looking forward to that.

Other than this, I started painting a new hubcap and so far so good.  It is looking pretty decent.  I am still baking and cooking this week, so be ready for some updates!  I know it is a Monday morning, but I hope you all have a fantastic start to your week:)

Bluebird in Winter



Good morning and happy Friday!  This is my most recent hubcap creation.  I am happy with the result, but it’s not my favorite painting.  I know I set out to paint a car on this one, but things change!  Now onto the next hubcap… I still have four lined up to paint:). Cleaning up the streets, one abandoned hubcap at a time.

Hope you all have a great end to your week and get ready for the weekend!

Scrimshaw Necklace


CIMG1348This was my last little piece of ivory and after a great suggestion, I decided to stick with the bird theme.  I found a silhouette of a crane for inspiration and I am really happy with how it came out.  I also have all the materials to make this into a necklace, so that will be the next step for me.  Just need to drill a little hole in the top to put the pin in.

Other than that, it has been a pretty uneventful Sunday.  I want to get back into pencil sketching, but I have lost the motivation there a while ago.  Things come and go, as long as I stay crafty somehow:)

Hope your weekend went well and enjoy what is left of your Sunday!  It’s a great day.