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Scrimshaw Necklace


CIMG1348This was my last little piece of ivory and after a great suggestion, I decided to stick with the bird theme.  I found a silhouette of a crane for inspiration and I am really happy with how it came out.  I also have all the materials to make this into a necklace, so that will be the next step for me.  Just need to drill a little hole in the top to put the pin in.

Other than that, it has been a pretty uneventful Sunday.  I want to get back into pencil sketching, but I have lost the motivation there a while ago.  Things come and go, as long as I stay crafty somehow:)

Hope your weekend went well and enjoy what is left of your Sunday!  It’s a great day.


That First Step…


As a wanna-be-artist, there are many challenges that must be faced.  The most daunting I find is that first step of a project.  The blank page, empty canvas, or in my case, the unpainted hubcap:CIMG1172

You never know how it is going to turn out.  Will it be something worth showing people?  Or will it be an absolute flop?  I always have this vivid image of the final piece in my mind, but to replicate that idea is definitely a special skill.  Looking at it from a the opposite perspective, why do I feel that little bit of anxiety when I first pick up the brush or the pencil and commit to the idea?  That is all you are doing, committing to an idea.  Ideas change, and no one else can see your idea except you.  I must always remember, starting a project is about the journey.  It promotes more creativity and lets ideas evolve.  It does not matter what others think, as long as you enjoy the process is what matters.

On that note, I am embarking on my first major project as a result of this blog.  I am painting a hubcap with the aim of finishing it by next weekend. We will see how that progresses!  As a result, I am definitely becoming a bit more blog-savvy!  Check out my other two pages I added and marvel at the semi-decent formatting of this blog:)  I am getting the hang of this, and I like it!  Today, a blogger has been born.