Hogwarts Hubcap!


CIMG1443Hubcap #5 is complete!  There is a story behind this one too.  My brother’s girlfriend bought me a present right before she left for her freshman year in college.  First off, I thought she should be the one to be receiving gifts, but I wasn’t going to say no to a present.  Knowing I had just started painting hubcaps, she bought me a set of 4 hubcaps from Wal-Mart!  Wrapped up and everything – I was thrilled especially because I’ve never painted a clean, new hubcap.

Obviously, the first one I painted had to go to her.  I have never painted or drawn something for anyone else and I’ve also never given away a piece of my work.  After the hours I put in, I have a hard time parting with it.

Although a freshman in college, she is an unashamed Harry Potter fanatic and I admire her for that.  I decided the Hogwarts emblem is what this painting had to be and it turned out pretty well.  The shading does not come out in the photo very well, but it looks better in person.  Can’t wait to hear about her reaction when he gives it to her this weekend:)  I will have a tough time parting with it (even though I’m not a huge HP fan), but it is good practice.  She deserves it.


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  1. I gave away some of my paintings, and their missing still hurts. Strange. Like a piece of me is gone. Some artists really like to sell and give away their work. I’m not one. Share, yes. Give away, no.

      • You’re not! I know one artist who paints in watercolor in 5 by 7 size then has it copied in color and only sells the copies. It’s genius really. And the paintings are these amazing otherworldly pictures full of nature.

  2. Fantastic work. You have niche market and the more gifts you give the more peeps will see how great they are. The more people that see it you will be more likely to get a commission if that is what you want. There may be people out there waiting to pay you good money! Do they actually go on the car? Are they covered in a tough outer layer to protect them? They would look good hanging on a wall too. You know how many people are mad about their cars, I am sure you could do well. My experience of original work is to get it out there it helps you evolve and move on to even greater things! Good luck!

    • Thank you so much! This was really great to hear. I am interested in doing commissioned work at some point in time – but I feel like I still have a lot to learn. And, these new ones could definitely go on a car. I have 2 different varnishes, one for indoors and one for out, so it’s a possibility. Something to look into for sure. Thanks again:)

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