Getting Winter-Ready



It’s been waaaaayyy too long since my last post.  With the weather cooling off, it is obvious summer is quickly on its way out the door.  My favorite season of the year is fall and I am so excited for everything that comes with it!  Halloween, cool mornings, fall colors, Thanksgiving, apple picking, and pumpkin flavored everything:)

Knitting has been something easy for me to maintain (or at least maintain better than anything else) now that I am back at school.  It’s relaxing to just knit while I watch tv in the at night.  Now I know we are only just beginning fall, but I went for winter colors with this hat.  It fits me perfectly though so I will definitely wear it.  Unfortunately, there is a spiral design you can’t really see, and it was supposed to be knit with just one color which I think would have really brought out the spiral.  But, me being myself, I couldn’t just do one color.  I thought these ones went so well together!  But, that explains the little color bulges you can see in the picture… that’s where there is supposed to be a purl stitch to make the spiral.  Still, it’s cute and useful (unlike the knit fish still sitting on my coffee table).

On a different note, I almost have the hubcap for my brother’s girlfriend finished.  My goal is to have it done by the end of the week – more on that story later.  Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Wednesday!


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