I Knit a Fish!


CIMG1417This is my latest project completed.  It is not anything extravagant and it was actually supposed to be a flounder, but I messed up its fins!  Still, I am proud of it.  This was a great exercise to practice my knitting and work with all of my new needles.  I have finally branched out a bit.  Now that I have finished this fish though, I definitely plan on attempting a knitting project of a more useful nature… preferably something I can wear!  Let me know if you have any ideas.  Also, here is the pattern for the actual flounder:


It was a very simple pattern to follow (I know, I messed up, but that has more to do with the fact that I get excited and stop reading directions).

As for other projects, I have a couple of things in the works.  I have started another hubcap and will hopefully have that completed by the end of next week and after taking a couple of months off, I plan on picking up my sketchbook again.  I have been feeling a little equine-deprived, so I think a horse is in store:)  I also desperately want to bake chocolate soufflés and a cake.  Hopefully more updates coming soon then!  Have a fantastic Thursday evening everyone.


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  1. In knitting, you never “mess up”. Rather, anything you do enhances the piece into an original work of art no one else can duplicate. 🙂 I say this in defense of myself since I’m the same way and get all excited when knitting new things.

    • Wow, that link was great – I love to see other people’s work. Thanks! And great call on the jumper – I’ll try to stay focused so it actually will fit a human:)

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