Mudslide Mess Up


CIMG1402Mudslide cupcakes with a Bailey’s Irish Cream mousse frosting.  They had me at the title, forget what was in the recipe.  But we’ll look at the ingredients anyway just in case someone wasn’t already drooling… Kahlua, Bailey’s, coffee, mocha ice cream, cream, sugar… you can’t go wrong.  I happened across this recipe one day online and I just had to bake it.

So last night I was thinking it was a great night for a little treat.  I start to whip together my ingredients, the mix tasted ok, but I was sure once it was baked it would be heavenly.  The frosting was a little more like whipped cream, but I had faith it would chill into a fluffy mousse.  Together these two components were going to make a decadent Wednesday night dessert.

I could not have been more wrong.

I will admit, I have not had a serious flop in the kitchen for a while, so I guess I was overdue.  The cupcakes were bland bricks with a dollop of over-sweetened whipped cream on top.  This was not what I was hoping for!  I am not even going to attach the recipe it was such a failure.  On a different note, if anyone has any tried-and-true mudslide baking recipes, I would love to try it out.  I still have the Bailey’s and the Kahlua and they are just begging for a delicious dessert.

Hope the picture makes your mouth water, but they simply did not live up to the name!


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