The Paint Bar


CIMG1407I went to a paint bar for the first time this past weekend and it was really fantastic!  I was nervous going in because I always have painted whatever I am in the mood for, but this was different since we all would be guided through the same painting.  Everyone was taught how to paint these tulips in their pots and over the course of the 2 hours, we had a blast.  The atmosphere was great and I look forward to going back.

I learned I am most definitely a type A personality.  This particular painting is definitely not my style!  The relaxed way of painting and just brushing different colors over the others was against all aspects of my nature.  Yes, I need to clean the brush between colors, and then my water if it’s too dirty!  Yes, I need to wait for the whole thing to dry before I even contemplate the next coat!  Yes, I don’t want my colors mixing up to much on my plate and finally, yes, I am a perfectionist.  So this was a very good exercise for me in painting with a different mentality.

I also learned a couple of new techniques which was really helpful since I have never had any sort of art or painting education.  The cross hatching in the background with the two different colors came out really beautiful and outlining the tulips and pots with black paint was also a great technique.  I can definitely apply these skills to my future paintings and I am looking forward to that.

Other than this, I started painting a new hubcap and so far so good.  It is looking pretty decent.  I am still baking and cooking this week, so be ready for some updates!  I know it is a Monday morning, but I hope you all have a fantastic start to your week:)


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