It’s Sunday…


…You should get away.

And that’s exactly what I did.  A couple days away camping in the woods was a much needed break.  Here’s a little taste of the wildlife:

CIMG1381 CIMG1355CIMG1380

If you can’t tell, I have a little bit of an obsession with birds.  I find them so beautiful and powerful and I have to say, the bald eagle was a real treat.  I spent the better part of that morning stalking the eagle who definitely now has a phobia of women in yellow kayaks.  But I got a picture of it and that was all I wanted.  The loon was stunning, and this cormorant just didn’t want to budge when I pulled up next to his rock (still stalking my eagle across the lake of course).

Besides the bird shots though, the past couple of days have been a great break from everything.  Sometimes it is just necessary to unplug; no phones, computers, ipods… nothing.  So what did we do?  We moved, laughed, talked, swam, ran, and just relaxed.  Not only was I unplugged from all electronics, but I unplugged my creativity, motivation, and ambition.  Back home now, I am ready to go and take it all on!  This was a necessary break and if you are feeling stressed, you should get away.  Even if it is just a walk down the street without your phone, it’s worth it.  The world won’t end.


Hope these pictures free up your mind a bit.  They certainly still make me smell the fresh air.  Just wanted to share a little beauty and hope you all enjoy what is left of your  weekend!


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