My Next Project


CIMG1342So I am tackling yet another hubcap.  I am addicted to them and I really enjoy the challenge of painting.  This hubcap is the first one I will be painting with the car logo on it.  It’s a Subaru hubcap and below is my inspiration for painting.  The Subaru rally car!  I have never painted a car before so this will be a good change and I look forward to trying to capture this car!  Check out my other hubcaps here:


On this glorious Saturday, I received new knitting needles and lots of “sweatshirt” yarn.  It’s a funny material, but I can’t wait to try and make a sweater out of it.  I also plan on starting my last scrimshaw piece doing the silhouette of a crane.  And, I am itching to bake some sort of chocolatey dessert.  There are just too many things I want to do!  Hopefully I have some sort of creative product to post to you all tomorrow.  Stay crafty:)


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