Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh


CIMG1270Many things came to my mind at the sound of that one word, “Fresh.”  Many things came to mind, and yet nothing was right.  Isn’t it funny to have so many ideas for a topic and after almost a week of contemplating it, still have nothing?  Fresh.  There is of course the classic drink picture, but that was used for the cover photo of the challenge.  That’s out.  Kids can be fresh when they are misbehaving, or have that mischievous twinkle in their eye.  Horses act fresh when they slick their ears back and give that knowing, “Don’t come near me,” look.  There is nothing like fresh food, whether it is a crisp salad just tossed together, or steaming bread rolls right out of the oven.  And after spending a weekend in the mountains, the rugged cliffs and carpet of pine trees was really invigorating to take in.

So, I took pictures of the mountains, of the spring water, of the wilderness.  I took pictures of my steaming cup of coffee and my chilled Margarita.  Pictures of vivid flowers, naughty children, gorgeous architecture, my dinner salad.  The list went on and on.  To say this challenge occupied my mind for majority of the weekend was an understatement.

Upon my arrival back home, I still had nothing for a Weekly Photo Challenge post.  I love this challenge because I love the opportunity is gives me to take pictures.  I went out to check the garden this morning to see what needed picking and what needed watering, and my photo was waiting there for me as simple as that.  When I think of fresh, I think of the natural, refreshing, simple, and bright.  My tomatoes were begging to be posted.  I know it is nothing extravagant, but to me, it is fresh.  And the tomato soup, tomato cheese pie, and broiled tomato slices to follow later on this week will encompass the freshness of home grown vegetables:)


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  1. That was a good choice for fresh! There’s something about the smell of tomato plants and ripe tomatoes that says “new”.

    • Thank you very much – they taste lovely too:) And I think I went through the whole intense-phase in trying to capture the essence of “fresh.” To think it was just sitting in the garden the whole time.

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