Scrimshaw Practice


CIMG1265After a weekend away (and 2 days of no blogging!), it is nice to be back and making something again.  This is an etching of a kookaburra on my practice piece of plastic that came with the kit.  I am pleased with how it came out, but I have to admit, it is not easy!

Now I want to carve on the little piece of ivory I have.  As you can see, it is tiny – a bit bigger than my fingernail.  I am also lacking inspiration.  Does anybody have any good ideas that would look classy on this little piece of ivory?  Let me know!

-A girl in need of inspiration


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  1. Wow–the kookaburra is amazing (as is your nail polish). In keeping with the bird theme, how about a crane or a flamingo or something? A tall bird to fill the shape of the space?

    • Thank you! And I really like that idea… I’ll have to go look up some pictures! My biggest issue was the fact that it’s skinny and long, but a tall bird would work. Thanks again:)

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