Another craft discovery!  Quite some time ago, an old friend gave me a scrimshaw kit.  Sort of like what the sailors used to use to sketch on whale bones.  I definitely did not have the skill or appreciation for the kit when I received it, and like many other things, eventually made its way into the black hole of one of my closets.

Lost for years, rediscovery makes it all the more worth it.  Although I do not enjoy cleaning, going through a lot of my old things is like looking for treasure.  You just never know what you are going to find.  I had one little piece left to make a sketch on, so I am going for it.  Hopefully I will have it done by the end of the week, but I am really excited to get started on this one!

My 10-year-old self had already done one piece (Having a problem with the picture, so no pictures in this post) when I first received the kit.  It is a dolphin jumping out of the water during a full moon.  I don’t remember much from then, but I do remember being really proud of my work.  It is funny now, looking back on this rough, unrefined, and basic piece of artwork and think that I thought I was the next greatest artist when I finished it.

I look at a lot of my recent sketches, drawings, and paintings and as a whole; I am satisfied with what I create.  I am proud of my level of detail and how realistic I can make my pieces.  My biggest fear is that it really isn’t all that great.  I am biased by the hours I have put into the process.  Will I look back on what I have done now and be unimpressed?  I guess that will be a blog post for 10 years from now.  At the moment, I should just enjoy the process of creativity:)


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