Day 3 of 7



I’ll be honest, until about 5 minutes ago, I had no idea what this was and certainly no idea what it was going to taste like!  For those like me, Tabbouleh is a “Levantine Arab salad traditionally made of bulgur, tomatoes, cucumbers, finely chopped parsley, mint, onion, and garlic and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt,” according to Wikipedia.  Recently, tabbouleh keeps popping up in places and I was tempted to try it.  It is a recipe in my favorite cook book (kind of my bible), where my goal is to cook all of the recipes.  I’m pretty close to that goal, so this was another checked off the list.  It also has been in the newspaper twice this summer with some other recipes and I thought that was reason enough to try it.


Well, it was not bad, but not my favorite.  I would have probably used less mint and parsley and added more bulgur, and it definitely needed feta.  But, this will be a delicious leftover in some pita bread tomorrow!  It never hurts to be experimental:)  It was a good night.




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