Let the creative juices flow!


You know that familiar feeling. An insatiable itch to produce something. It drills down into our primitive human nature where we were designed to make things. Designed to invent, create, engineer, and build. The brain never stops thinking, planning, working.

I get these impulses often. They are so strong, I’ve been compelled to cook, bake, draw, sculpt, or create something on a whim. In a world consisting of intangible work, there is something innately satisfying with producing something with your own bare hands.

This blog is a result of yet another one of those impulses. But, it will be a way to channel the inspirational successes and failures as I explore the creativity of my mind. There is nothing more self fulfilling than looking back on an accomplishment a couple days later and still thinking it looks good. Still believing it came out exactly the way you planned


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